Michigan State Football
2011 Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

Nike Pro Combat Uniforms worn during the fourth straight victory over rival Michigan.


  • Textured bronze matte-finish helmet
  • Tapering green center stripe – with the Greek key pattern
  • The Ancient Greek phrase pronounced “Molon Labe,” translated “Come and take them” on the front of the helmet over the center stripe and nose bumper
  • Green Michigan State Helmet Logo
  • Black facemask
  • Bronze “MICHIGAN STATE” appears on the black rear name strip in the Spartan Font


  • Green Nike Pro Combat Hypercool jersey
  • Black “SPARTANS” appears above the player numerals in the Spartan Font
  • Bronze player numerals with black outline on front
  • Bronze Nike logo on left shoulder
  • Black shoulder yoke
  • Nike Pro Combat Flywire threaded collar with a bronze Michigan State Helmet Logo at the point of the V-neck
  • Black “SPARTANS” appears on the back above the player numerals, where the player last names would normally appear
  • Bronze player numerals with black outline on back


  • Black pants
  • Bronze Nike logo on the side of the upper right leg
  • Bronze Michigan State Helmet Logo on side of the upper left leg
  • Bronze “MICHIGAN STATE” appears on the bumper in the Spartan Font
  • Green accent near the knee


  • Black Nike Vapor Carbon gloves
  • Bronze Nike logo on both gloves
  • White stripe on top of the index finger, little finger and thumb
  • When the palms meet, it forms a Bronze Michigan State Helmet Logo on the Greek key pattern


  • Nike Air Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly TD shoes
  • Toes are bronze fading to green on the heel
  • White Nike logo on the toe and heel



On April 4, two members of the Michigan State football team started a Twitter campaign. Both Jerel Worthy and Bennie Fowler tweeted: RETWEET if you think the michigan game this season should be a night game. With the spartans wearing all new uniforms!!!! @MSUAD. Later that day, Kasra Dabiran started a Facebook group called: MSU Fans in Favor of Night Game + Black Jerseys vs. Michigan, which gained over 4,400 fans.

On July 24, the athletic department announced that Michigan State will be wearing the Pro Combat Uniforms against Michigan on October 15.

On July 26, the Detroit Free Press confirmed that the Pro Combat Uniforms were a player-led request: “The student-athletes that are currently playing asked Coach D for it,” said Mark Hollis, athletic director at Michigan State University. “Coach D went to Nike. They didn’t come to us. They’ve designed a heck of a uniform that’s representative of Michigan State history. At the same time, is very futuristic looking. … It’s a stunning piece of apparel.”

On July 29, Joe Rexrode reported that the idea of Michigan State wearing the Pro Combat Uniforms came from Will Gholston, who asked head coach Mark Dantonio during the offseason if he could get them for the team. Dantonio visited Nike in February and Nike agreed to provide the Michigan State Football team with Pro Combat Uniforms for the rivalry game against Michigan.

On September 13, Nike unveiled the design of the Michigan State Pro Combat Uniforms via its Facebook page.

Photography Credits: Masthead image and images of pro combat helmet and pro combat jersey are courtesy of MSU Athletic Communications. Image of pro combat pants is courtesy of Ann Arbor News. Images of pro combat gloves and pro combat shoes are courtesy of Nike. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to these images.

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