Nick Saban Era Football Jersey & Helmet Style

Nick Saban was the head coach during 1995 - 1999

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Nick Saban put the Michigan State Helmet Logo back on both sides of the helmet and reincorporated the three-stripe effect on the helmets and pants from the Darryl Rogers era.

The helmets were painted with a metallic green paint. This color made the helmets look darker than pervious years, but this is an illusion caused by the reflective nature of the metallic paint. Spartan fans reference the Nick Saban years as the era that the “helmets didn’t match the jerseys” because of the metallic paint.

Nick Saban’s final record at Michigan State was 34 - 24 - 1, with appearances at 1995’s Independence Bowl, 1996's Sun Bowl and 1997's Aloha Bowl.

View the styles that Nick Saban's teams wore during his era:

1995 - 1998 Michigan State Football Jersey & Helmet Style

The helmet featured the Michigan State Helmet Logo. Jersey contained outlined player numerals and the diamond Block S Logo on the sleeves.

1999 - 2000 Michigan State Football Jersey & Helmet Style

Solid player numerals and the Michigan State Helmet Logo on the pants.

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