Denny Stolz

Denny Stolz was the head coach during 1973 – 1975

In 1973, Denny Stolz updated the Spartan jersey and helmets in an effort to create a new image for the floundering team. Denny Stolz removed Duffy Daugherty’s Black Trimmed Spartan Head Logo and replaced it with the Oversized Spartan Head Logo drawn by team member Mike Hurd (an art major). He also added stripes around the arms for the away jerseys.

Denny Stolz’s final record at Michigan State was 19 – 13 – 1. Stolz was voted the Big Ten Coach of the Year in 1974.

View the styles that Denny Stolz’s teams wore during his era:

Photography Credits: Masthead image is courtesy of Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections. Image of 1973 is courtesy of Helmet Hut. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to these images.

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