Bobby Williams

Bobby Williams was the head coach during 2000 – 2002

Bobby Williams took over the program in 2000 and made very slight changes to the jerseys for the 2000 and 2001 seasons.

Bobby Williams’ last year in 2002 was possibly the most drastic change of styles in Michigan State football history, and also possibly the most unfavorable style amongst fans. The season proved to be a rough one for the players, ending with a 3-6 record and the dismissal of the star quarterback. Looking back, Spartan fans speculate on weather the jersey style was truly unsightly, or if the entire season all together was marred by the disappointing record.

Bobby Williams’ final record at Michigan State was 16 – 17, earning victories at 2000’s Citrus Bowl and 2001’s Silicon Valley Bowl.

View the styles that Bobby Williams’ teams wore during his era:

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