Michigan State Football
Jersey & Helmet Style

One of the most drastic style changes in Michigan State football history, and possibly the most unfavorable amongst fans.


  • Metallic green helmet
  • One-inch white center stripe
  • Block S Logo
  • White facemask
  • Big Ten Conference logo over the nose bumper
  • Player numerals on back – white numerals on a single circular green decal, placed to the right of the center stripe
  • United States flag sticker on back, placed to the right of the center stripe


    • State Script Logo appears above the player numerals
    • Player numerals with gray outline
    • Nike logo on left shoulder
    • United States flag under the Nike logo on the left shoulder
    • Thin opposite color lines running from the sides of the collar down the shoulders and ending at the sleeves
    • Sides include an opposite color slice starting at the thinnest point under the arm and widening as it continues down to the bottom of the jersey
    • Player last names on the back above the player numerals
    • Solid color player numerals on back


  • White pants
  • Nike logo on the front of the upper right leg
  • Spartan head logo on the front of the upper left leg
  • Sides continue the slice found on the jersey and narrows down to a single line extending to the knee – away pants slice filled in with green

Home & Away Uniforms

  • Home games: Green jersey, white pants, white socks
  • Away games: White jersey, white pants, white socks

Photography Credits: Masthead image and image of 2002 jersey is courtesy of Albert Dickson/TSN. Image of 2002 pants is courtesy of The Detroit News. Image of home & away uniforms is courtesy of MSU Athletic Communications. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to these images.

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