1999 – 2000
Michigan State Football
Jersey & Helmet Style

Solid player numerals and the Michigan State Helmet Logo on the pants.


  • Metallic green helmet
  • Three stripes: one-inch white center stripe, one-inch between half-inch white striping
  • Michigan State Helmet Logo
  • White facemask
  • Big Ten Conference logo over the nose bumper
  • Player numerals on back – white numerals on a single circular green decal, placed to the right side of the helmet
  • Player last names punched out on green label-tape placed vertically on the back of the helmet on the center stripe


  • “MICHIGAN STATE” appears above the player numerals in the Saban-Era Michigan State Script
  • Solid color player numerals on front
  • Reebok logo directly under V-neck
  • V-neck color opposite as jersey colors
  • Solid color TV numbers on top of shoulders
  • Player last names on the back above the player numerals
  • Solid color player numerals on back


  • White pants
  • Reebok logo on the front of the upper right leg
  • Michigan State Helmet Logo on the front of the upper left leg
  • Three stripes: green center stripe, one-inch between half-inch green striping
  • Same pants used for home and away games

1999 Mid-Season Changes

For the Michigan State vs. Flordia game on January 1, 2000 (37 – 34 win), Michigan State wore a Citrus Bowl patch on the left shoulder.

2000 Season Changes

For the 2000 season, the jerseys were provided by Nike. Ironically, they were the exact same design as the 1999 season, but with the Nike logos on the jerseys.

Photography Credits: Masthead image is courtesy of The Tradition Continues – Spartan Football. Images of 1999 pants and 1999 mid-season changes are courtesy of The State News. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to these images.

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