Michigan State Football
Jersey & Helmet Style

The college football centennial logo replaced the Black Trimmed Spartan Head Logo during the 1969 season.


For the 1969 season, Duffy Daugherty removed the Black Trimmed Spartan Head Logo from the helmets. In its place, the team showcased football shaped logos designed by the NCAA that commemorated the 100 year anniversary of college football. Most college teams joined in the celebration by wearing similar style logos on either their helmets or jerseys.

  • Kelly green helmet
  • White one-inch center stripe
  • College Football Centennial logo – football shaped logo on both sides
  • Black Trimmed Spartan Head Logo helmet stickers on front
  • Gray facemask
  • White two-inch player numerals placed on each side of the center stripe on back


  • “MICHIGAN STATE” appears above the player numerals – font reminiscent of the 1965 & 1966 national championship teams
  • li>Solid color player numerals on front

  • Solid color TV numbers on side of shoulders
  • Solid color player numerals on back


  • White pants
  • Two stripes: one-inch between half-inch green striping
  • Same pants used for home and away games

Information Credits: Helmet Hut and The Tradition Continues – Spartan Football. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to this information.
Photography Credits: Masthead image is courtesy of Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to this image.