Michigan State Football
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White helmets with a one-inch green center stripe worn for just two games during the 1954 season.


The 1954 opener was a loss at Iowa as the Spartans came out in their usual kelly green helmets.

For the first two home games, against Wisconsin on October 2 and Purdue on October 23, Duffy Daugherty for unknown reasons put the team in white helmets with a kelly green one-inch center stripe. The helmets didn’t help Duffy Daugherty against either opponent.

Michigan State football hasn’t played in a white helmet since the loss to Purdue on October 23, 1954.

Helmet Hut’s website indicates that Michigan State wore white helmets at Indiana on October 9. Spartan Jerseys couldn’t find any historical evidence to prove or dismiss this fact.

  • White helmet
  • Kelly green one-inch center stripe
  • No face mask

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Information Credits: Helmet Hut and The Tradition Continues – Spartan Football. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to this information.
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