1934 – 1946
Michigan State Football
Jersey & Helmet Style

Departure from the school colors with gold and black jerseys and winged helmets. Winged helmets worn a year before Crisler at Princeton.


  • Winged helmet
  • Gold leather helmet with contrasting black wings and a black single center stripe
  • Emblazoned gold Block S Logo in the middle of the wing
  • No face mask


  • Black jersey
  • Solid gold color player numerals on front
  • No player last names on the back above the player numerals
  • Solid gold color player numerals on back
  • Long sleeves


  • Solid gold pants, no stripes
  • Same pants used for home and away games

Home and Away Uniform

From 1934 to the end of the 1938 season, Charlie Bachman’s teams wore the same uniforms for both the home and away contests: black jersey, gold pants, black socks.

1939 Season Changes

Starting in 1939, the Michigan State fooball team wore a white jersey at away games – this is the official debut of the white away jersey, which has been worn at away games ever since

Information Credits: Proud family of Carl Walter “Ole” Nelson. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to this information.
Photography Credits: Masthead image and image of 1933 – 1946 helmet is courtesy of Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections. Image of 1939 is courtesy of Michiganensian Yearbook. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to these images.

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