Michigan State Basketball
2017 Nike M.A.C. Throwback Jersey

M.A.C throwback jerseys first worn against Minnesota on January 11, 2017 and continued throughout the remainder of 2017 season


    • Large Michigan Agricultural College (M.A.C.) logo in the center
    • Player numerals centered directly below the logo using the same numeral font as the 1995-2000 jerseys
    • Nike logo on right shoulder
    • B1G logo on left shoulder
    • United States flag patch below the B1G logo on left shoulder
    • Player numerals on back uses the same numeral font as the 1995-2000 jerseys
    • Player last names on the back above the player numerals


  • Green waistband
  • Michigan Agricultural College (M.A.C.) logo on the belt buckle surrounded by a white rectangle
  • Nike logo on the upper left leg

Games worn

  • Michigan State vs. Minnesota game on January 11, 2017 (65 – 47 Win)
  • Michigan State vs. Michigan game on January 29, 2017 (70 – 62 Win)
  • Michigan State vs. Iowa game on February 11, 2017 (77 – 66 Win)
  • Michigan State vs. Ohio State game on February 14, 2017 (74 – 66 Win)
  • Michigan State vs. Wisconsin game on February 26, 2017 (84 – 74 Win)
  • Michigan State vs. Penn Stats game on March 9, 2017 (78-51 Win)

Photography Credits: Masthead image is courtesy of Mike Carter / USA TODAY Sports. Images of MAC jersey, MAC shorts and games worn are courtesy of Mike Mulholland | MLive.com. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to this image.

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