2006 – 2008
Michigan State Basketball
Jersey Style

A wedge design on the collarbone and sides of jerseys and shorts.


  • State Script Logo appears above the player numerals
  • Font used for player numerals and last names retained from first generation Nike basketball jerseys
  • Reflective Michigan State Helmet Logo at the point of the V-neck
  • Horizontal wedges on front of the jersey start at neckline and taper off at the arms
  • Vertical wedges on both sides of the jersey start at the bottom of the jersey and taper off at the arms
  • Player last names on the back above the player numerals


  • Michigan State Helmet Logo on the bottom right leg
  • Nike logo on the bottom left leg
  • Vertical wedges from both sides of the jersey continue down both sides of the legs and taper off at the end of the shorts

2007 - 2008 Mid-Season Changes

Beginning with the Michigan State vs. Temple game on March 20, 2008 (72 – 61 Win), and for the next two games, Michigan State wore a patch on the left shoulder commemorating the NCAA tournament, which was a blue circle with the NCAA logo in white – all 65 teams invited to the tournament wore the same patch on either their right or left shoulder.

Photography credits: Masthead image is courtesy of AP Photo/David Zalubowski. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to this image.

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