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Football players gathering in the tunnel prior to a home game at Spartan Stadium
Football players gathering in the tunnel prior to a home game at Spartan Stadium

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Michigan State Camo Jerseys Unveiled

Michigan State basketball‘s camo jerseys to be worn for the Carrier Classic have been unveiled. Pictures of the front and back confirm earlier speculation that they are modeled after the current style, except with an “urban camo” pattern. Review to follow shortly.

MSU confirms camo jerseys, UNC unveils theirs

The Associated Press reported yesterday athletic director Mark Hollis has confirmed the Michigan State basketball team will wear the camo jerseys when they play UNC on the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson on Nov. 11. News of the specials jerseys first leaked onto the Internet last week.

Hollis said they worked close with Nike to create special jerseys for the game with an “urban camo” pattern on them. The players’ last names on the back of the jerseys will be replaced with “USA” in the Spartan font.

Earlier in the week the Free Press reported Tom Izzo knew about the camo jerseys, but hadn’t seen them yet. When asked what he will be wearing, “It won’t be a camouflage suit,” he said. “It won’t be a suit, either.”

UNC officially unveiled their camo jerseys yesterday, keeping up with the trend of announcing details on Carrier Classic before host MSU. With the game two weeks away, MSU should officially unveil their camo jerseys soon.

Nike released special t-shirts for the event. Campus Den calls it the “Nike Carrier Classic T-Shirt” which features the words “United We Stand” in the urban camo on a green shirt. Hopefully, Nike will also release a replica camo jersey for the fans.

BONUS: Speaking of basketball, ever wonder what happened to the old Breslin floor? It was split up and sold in pieces in 2005, giving many fans (including yours truly) the opportunity to own a unique piece of Spartan history. The largest piece sold, the center court, was just installed at The Ticket Machine’s new offices in East Lansing. When they open their doors in a few weeks, it would definitely be worth it to pay them a visit and walk on hallowed ground hardwood.

Details on Leaked Camo Jerseys for Carrier Classic

I was able to get a few more details on the leaked image of the camo Michigan State basketball jerseys.

Our friends over at Uni Watch linked to a video about World Series patches being sewn on the St. Louis Cardinals jerseys by the Liebe Company in St. Louis, MO. Uni Watch reader ‘Simply Moono’ noticed at the :52 mark of the video there was a stack of Michigan State basketball jerseys next to the stack of St. Louis Cardinals jerseys.

The basketball jerseys look to be the 2010-2011 home style, but with a digital camouflage pattern.

This wouldn’t be the first time Nike has used the digital camouflage. Army has used it on their football helmets and jerseys for several games, and Ohio State has used it on their helmets for the 2011 spring game.

The camo jerseys are most likely for the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic where Michigan State will play North Carolina on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. And I bet they were at Liebe Company to get a commemorative patch and player names sewn on.

At the :52 mark, you can see that the stack of Michigan State jerseys is next to a stack of Carolina blue jerseys. It looks like both teams will be wearing the camo jerseys for the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic with Michigan State being the home team (whites), and North Carolina being the away team (darks).

I love the idea of camo jerseys for the Carrier Classic as it’s just another nod of appreciation to those that have selflessly served our country. The event is being held on Veteran’s Day and along with President Obama, there will be more in attendance from the armed forces than the MSU and UNC crowds combined.

What do you think of a camo jersey? Leave your comments below:

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