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2011 Michigan State Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Released - Spartan Jerseys
Football players gathering in the tunnel prior to a home game at Spartan Stadium
Football players gathering in the tunnel prior to a home game at Spartan Stadium

2011 Michigan State Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Released

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After almost two months of waiting, Nike officially unveiled the design of the Michigan State Pro Combat Uniforms this morning. Pictures of the highly anticipated uniforms can be found here and my full review found here.

What do you think? Grade the design of the uniforms and share your thoughts below.


16 Responses to “2011 Michigan State Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Released”

  • Jason:

    Bronze? Really? We're not the fighting Irish! Other than that…they're dope!

  • Brandon:

    The new uniforms look great. I gave them a B only because I personally had my own image in mind of the ideal uniform. It's a great nod to our "Spartan heritage" and will look great on the field October 15th.

  • Dennis:

    Nike sucks. Michigan State is allowing Nike to just destroy tradition at MSU. They wanted to change the helmet but the fans said no thank god. But they managed to change the font of the name. Now they are changing our freaking colors to bronze green and black. WTF? Does MSU have any honor anymore? I cant believe we got rid of the S at half court of the basketball court and now we dont have the block S at the 50 yard line either. MSU has lost all sense of itself and it disgusts me.

  • Josh:

    Ya okay Dennis, what would you rather have??? both Basketball and Football Programs with their success to stay the same? or Cry a bit more about the logo being the spartan head instead of the S…. Cmon bro

  • Nick:

    Dennis, the Spartan helmet at the 50 looks much cooler.

  • Collin:

    I'm tired of hearing the parrot "Our Spartan heritage"…what spartan heritage? MSU is an agricultural school. Up until the mid 20's they were the 'Aggies' until they wanted something more catchy. If we're trying to capture some fictitious "Spartan legacy" then why don't we change our colors to Red and Bronze? Because it's as stupid as Green and Bronze!

    Green and White is the legacy of Michigan State and that is what should be preserved and captured.

    Adidas just convinced ND and UM to end a combined 70+ year streak of the same helmets just for a gimmick.

  • Paul:

    GO GREEN! GO BONZE?….NIKE sucks and so does the new uniform. I think the designers at NIKE are watching too much of the Star Wars Clone Wars cartoons.

  • Justin Huber:

    These uniforms suck. I agree with Dennis above. Leave our friggin' uniforms alone. The uniform style from 2007-2009 was one of the best we ever had. They should bring that look back and ditch these new styles-especially the pro combat one that appears above.

    • mike bly:

      Your a fucking retard dude, did you see how pumped up MSU was in todays game?, MSU kicked ass, the seniors went 4-0 over the last 4 years that MSU played UofM for the trophy. Todays game, I owe it to the new uniforms.

  • Nick:

    You're all idiots… MSU colors used to be bronze and black in the early 20th century. If this is destroying heritage then we're really screwing up celebrating thanksgiving.

  • ssdhffuogf:

    Its one game!!! we have had no tradition no success until the last five years it doesnt matter what our jerseys are as long as we kick ass on the field

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