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2011 July - Spartan Jerseys
Football players gathering in the tunnel prior to a home game at Spartan Stadium
Football players gathering in the tunnel prior to a home game at Spartan Stadium

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Basketball player inadvertently confirms the design of jerseys

Valparaiso transfer Brandon Wood tweets daily about his life and how proud he is to be a new Spartan. On July 21, he tweeted that he had a photo shoot. Later that day, he posted this image and changed his twitter profile picture to this.

Why care so much about three tweets? Because Wood inadvertently confirmed that the Spartan basketball team will be wearing the same jerseys for this season as they did last year.

Wood is wearing last year’s jersey in both photos, which leads me to believe that we will be starting the season in the same jerseys as last year. Why else would they have a new jersey made for Brandon Wood with his name on the back for a photo, only to change the style before the season?

There is a possibility that the style may change halfway through the season, which is how the 2010 jerseys were introduced. Illinois followed our lead of the midseason-style-switch when they introduced their new jerseys last year.

Speculation on the Michigan State Football Nike Pro Combat Uniform

Since the release of Nike’s Pro Combat Uniforms in 2008, fans have wondered when, or if, the Michigan State football team would suit up in them. Our relationship with Nike has become more intimate due to the two-year rebranding partnership. During this rebranding period, the new football jerseys have contained some cuts similar to Pro Combat, but are not true Pro Combat Uniforms. Fans were teased by Nike when the Spartans ran out on the field wearing the Vapor Jet Premium LE gloves during the disaster of a bowl game vs. Alabama, but the team still has yet to wear Pro Combat Uniforms.

Michigan State’s moment has finally arrived. Nike announced on Wednesday that Michigan State will be wearing Pro Combat Uniforms for our rivalry game against Michigan. This is great news all around. Pro Combat Uniforms are generally reserved for the elite teams of college football. This announcement should help our recruiting because future players love to wear the latest and greatest uniforms Nike has to offer.

The press release detailed when Michigan State will be wearing them and what other teams will be wearing them, but it didn’t divulge what the uniforms will actually look like. Let the speculation begin…

Mark Dantonio is quoted in the press release saying, “Nike has done a remarkable job of creating a uniform that clearly speaks to the Spartan football tradition with a modern-day look and feel.” Which tells me, these will be throwback jerseys and not a modern design featuring the New Michigan State Logo that was shelved.

In my opinion, there are three possible football periods the Pro Combat Uniform design could be inspired by:

  • 1947 – 1955: Green helmets with single white stripe, green jerseys with three stripes on the sleeves, and white pants with a single stripe.
  • 1965 – 1966: Green helmets with the Original Spartan Head Logo, green jerseys with “MICHIGAN STATE,” and white pants with a single stripe.
  • 1934 – 1946: Gold winged helmets, black jerseys with gold numbers and gold pants.

1947 – 1955 is the most likely choice. This is the time period Michigan State won three National Championships, which definitely fits the “football tradition” Dantonio mentioned. This style is also the basis for all future Michigan State jerseys (green helmet with white stripe, green jersey with white numbers, and white pants with stripe).

1965 – 1966 is the more obvious choice, however we have already brought this design back with our throwback jerseys worn in 2006 vs. Notre Dame, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the “Game of the Century” (sorry to remind you of this game). This is the “classic” Michigan State style. It also fits the “football tradition” Dantonio mentions because we won back-to-back National Championships during this period. The green helmet contained the Original Spartan Head Logo with a white stripe, and the jerseys had “MICHIGAN STATE” on them.

1934 – 1946 is an outside shot since Michigan State wore black and gold during this time, not the school colors of green and white. However, this is the period that Michigan State football became competitive. Head Coach Charlie Bachman beat Michigan four times in a row (1934 – 1937). Dantonio is trying to join this elite club of coaches beating Michigan a number of consecutive times and it includes Biggie Munn and Duffy Daugherty, as well. This would also be an opportunity to showcase that Michigan State wore the winged helmet one year before Princeton and four years before Michigan. Even though we wore it before them, the winged helmet is owned by Michigan. Too much explaining of the winged helmet would be needed and if we didn’t pull it off right, the casual viewer of the game would think we are just copying Michigan’s winged. Just as this period’s uniform design has an outside shot of being chosen, so does losing to Michigan on Oct 15. What if we lost to them wearing winged helmets? It would be 2002 all over again.

I expect to see the Michigan State football team run out on the field on October 15 wearing Pro Combat Uniforms modeled from the 1947 – 1955 period. Michigan is also expected to wear special uniforms during the game. Maybe their bumble bee style? And that’s all I am going to write about Michigan, as I only care about the Spartans.

Whatever style Nike and Michigan State come up with, I guarantee it will be a hit with Michigan State fans. This is a prime opportunity for the football program. Creating the most high-tech uniforms based on Michigan State’s storied tradition is a recipe for success for both Nike and Michigan State.

What do you think? Vote for the period you think the Pro Combat Uniforms will be based off of below and comment on the speculation.

Nike Pro Combat coming to Michigan State Football

MSU posted the below press release confirming rumors that Pro Combat Uniforms were coming to Michigan State. My thoughts.


MSU will don newly designed Nike Pro Combat uniforms against Michigan on Oct. 15.

July 20, 2011

BEAVERTON, Ore. – Before their fight songs ring throughout the stadiums and they storm the fields, nine of the top college football programs will lace their cleats and buckle their chin straps while donning uniquely designed, highly advanced Nike uniforms for at least one game during the 2011-12 season.

The fully integrated uniform system, which Oregon debuted during the 2010 BCS National Championship Game, incorporates the latest in performance innovation and design from the world’s most renowned athletic outfitter. The redesigned base layer facilitates the uniform’s overall innovation, delivering the ultimate in lightweight protection for maximum speed. Strategically placed seams, pads and cooling zones also help minimize distraction and optimize protective coverage.

“Nike takes pride in giving athletes an advantage by providing them with cutting edge innovation. The Nike Pro Combat system of dress uniform delivers unparalleled on-field performance benefits while inspiring the team through each uniform’s unique design,” Nike’s Creative Director for Football Todd Van Horne said. “It is a privilege to collaborate with the coaches and student-athletes to develop a look that’s truly distinctive to each university and their teams.”

The teams selected to sport the 2011 Nike Pro Combat system of dress uniforms include Army, Boise State, Georgia, LSU, Michigan State, Navy, Ohio State, Oregon and Stanford.

While each school’s uniform delivers the same superior lightweight performance and protection, each will tell a different story through its design. Nike worked closely with each university to bring relevant elements of the school’s rich heritage into a distinguished, modern uniform design. The uniforms capture each team’s unique character.

“Nike has provided Michigan State with a tremendous opportunity to participate in the Nike Pro Combat system of dress,” Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio said. “Our student-athletes are very excited about being involved in this unique experience. Nike is renowned worldwide for its innovative technology. Like Nike, Michigan State is proud of its championship football heritage. Nike has done a remarkable job of creating a uniform that clearly speaks to the Spartan football tradition with a modern-day look and feel. Our team is looking forward to representing Michigan State and Nike on October 15 against Michigan.”

The integrated uniform system provides enhanced durability and innovation from the inside out. Robust padding without the bulk offers optimal low-profile impact protection specifically throughout the crucial “hit zone” between the knees and shoulders. Nike Pro Combat Deflex padding has also been integrated in the hip and knee areas of the pant for crucial impact protection that stays in place. The base layer now features customizable protection, incorporating a thin, incredibly strong carbon fiber plate that can be placed on the thigh padding where needed.

The uniform system design also emphasizes improved thermoregulation, including the Nike Pro Combat Deflex padding layer, which is constructed with fabric selected for its ability to help keep the body cool and wick away sweat – making the uniform, and player, lighter and dryer. The jerseys are made of four-way stretch woven twill that sheds moisture. A Flywire collar eliminates two layers of fabric for improved breathability, providing a more stable anchor to keep the jersey in place.

The uniforms will hit the field on opening day of the 2011-12 college football season and throughout the year during some of fiercest rivalries in college football. Dates include: Sept. 3 Oregon vs. LSU at Cowboys Stadium, Sept. 3 Boise State vs. Georgia at the Georgia Dome, Oct. 15 Michigan State vs. Michigan, Oct. 22 LSU vs. Auburn, Oct. 29 Ohio State vs. Wisconsin, Nov. 27 Stanford vs. Notre Dame and the annual service academy bragging rights matchup between two of the nation’s most prestigious football programs – Dec. 10 Army vs. Navy.

Breslin Center Scoreboard & LED Ring Update

Today, Big Ten Network analyst Lisa Byington posted two photos of Breslin Center’s new scoreboard and LED ring installation on Twitter. The installation expected to be completed this summer with both new upgrades debuting for the 2011 – 2012 season.

Spartan Jerseys Update Summary 7/8/11

Mateen Cleaves and Antonio Smith

The first week of the new site has been great. I’ve received many positive comments about the new design. This past week I updated the site with the following new information:

Michigan State Football Jerseys & Helmets

Michigan State Basketball Jerseys

Spartan Jerseys Homepage

Keep the comments coming in and thank you again for checking out the new site.

Breslin Center’s New Scoreboard

As mentioned here, the Breslin Center is getting a new scoreboard and LED ring circling the arena this summer. Here is a conceptual image of the new scoreboard:

And here is a picture of it being built taken by Draymond Green:

And no, Michigan State didn’t forget about Spartan Stadium, you will just have to wait until next season to see this:

UPDATE: More images of the new Breslin Center scoreboard can be seen here and Spartan Stadium scoreboard can be seen here.

New SpartanJerseys.com: More Photos, More History

I am proud to introduce the all-new SpartanJerseys.com. Below is a short list of exciting updates I have made in the last fourteen months:

  • More Photos – There are 220% more photos, enlarged for better viewing
  • More History – The history information has 215% more comprehensive details
  • More Options - Jersey information is now categorized by style, season and head coach
  • Discussion - Discuss the jerseys and helmets with fellow fans throughout the website
  • Blog – I will use the blog to broadcast any jersey modifications, rumors, interviews, and site news
  • Twitter, Facebook, RSS feedSubscribe to these online resources and stay up-to-date with the latest jersey style changes
  • Football and Basketball Logos are Back – The logos are restricted to viewing only, nevertheless I am happy to have them back

During your visit to the fourth-generation of SpartanJerseys.com, I hope you find these updates as interesting and informative as I do. As always, I welcome any comments that you might have on the new site.


Photography Credits: Masthead image is courtesy of MSU Athletic Communications. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to this image.

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