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[…]Plates – A collection of Michigan State license plates Michigan State Memorabilia Websites – Collection of game-used Michigan State jerseys Spartantiques – Neil Baron’s collection of non-jersey Michigan State/MSC/MAC […]

2014 Bronze Hyper Elite Dominance

[…]Bronze Nike Hyper EliteDominance Uniforms Bronze Nike Hyper Elite Dominance uniforms worn once against Georgetown on February 1, 2014 Jersey Shorts Photography […]

Michigan State Basketball Logos

[…]front of the current home and away jerseys, above the player numerals. New Michigan State Logo The New Michigan State Logo was never officially introduced. It was planned to be an element of the two-year overall athletics rebranding in partnership with Nike. Three months before the planned announcement, a fan found the logo on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. After a massive outcry by fans, Athletic Director Mark Hollis decided to scrap the New Michigan State Logo. State Script Logo The State Script Logo was first introduced for the 2000 – 2001 season, appearing above the player […]

2016 Mean Green

[…]2017, North Texas director of athletics, Wren Baker, publically threated cease and desist letters to ESPN and Michigan State Athletics on ESPN’s use of North Texas’ trademarked term “Mean Green” in a promo for the weekend’s football game against Michigan. Supporters of Wren’s efforts also cited tweets from 2016 when Michigan State Basketball wore Nike Hyper Elite Disruption alternate jerseys against Maryland, which were dubbed “Mean Green.” The trademark issue between North Texas, ESPN and Michigan State Athletics was resolved within 24 hours, after making headlines and giving North Texas quite a bit of publicity. Trademark: “Mean Green” is trademarked […]

2016 Camo

[…]Camo JerseyFor Armed Forces Classic Commemorative Nike Black Camo Jerseys worn for the Armed Forces Classic against Arizona on November 11, 2016 Jersey Shorts Photography Credits: Masthead image and image of camo jersey are courtesy of Brian Spurlock / USA TODAY Sports. Spartan Jerseys claims no ownership to these […]

2014 National Championship Throwbacks

[…]25, 2014 (75 – 80 Loss) Michigan State vs. Northwestern game on March 14, 2014 (67 – 51 Win) for the B1G tournament Michigan State vs. Delaware game on March 20, 2014 (93 – 78 Win) for the NCAA tournament Michigan State vs. Harvard game on March 22, 2014 (80 – 73 Win) for the NCAA tournament Michigan State vs. Connecticut game on March 30, 2014 (54 – 60 Loss) for the NCAA tournament 2014 – 2015 Season Michigan State vs. Maryland game on December 30, 2014 (66 – 68 Loss) Michigan State vs. Michigan game on February 1, 2015 […]

Michigan State Football Logos

[…]after a campus-wide contest was held to determine the design of the very first Spartan head logo to be used on a Michigan State football helmet. The original Spartan head logo was worn on the helmet during the back-to-back national championship seasons in 1965 and 1966. Can I download one of the Michigan State logos? No. Each Michigan State logo is intended for viewing only. Please do not contact us asking for the logos, as your request will be […]

2015 – Present

[…]waistband Michigan State Helmet Logo on the belt buckle Two stripes that come to a point on one side containing the Greek key pattern Michigan State Helmet Logo in the middle of the stripes, on the bottom of both legs Nike logo on the upper left leg 2015 – 2016 Mid-Season Changes For the Michigan State vs. Kansas game on November 17, 2015 (79 – 73 Win), Michigan State wore 2014 National Championship Throwback jerseys For the Michigan State vs. Boston College game on November 26, 2015 (99 – 68 Win), Michigan State wore 2014 National Championship Throwback jerseys For […]

About Spartan Jerseys

About Spartan Jerseys Spartan Jerseys is dedicated to the style and history of Michigan State football and basketball jerseys. This Web site was founded in 2007 by Eric, a Michigan State fan and memorabilia collector. Eric found the need for a historic jersey Web site when he was trying to authenticate memorabilia he was purchasing. At the time, there was no single source of information related to Michigan State jerseys and helmets. In the summer of 2007, Eric created the first version of Spartan Jerseys, which was met with applause from Michigan State Spartan fans interested in the history of […]


[…]came out in their usual kelly green helmets. For the first two home games, against Wisconsin on October 2 and Purdue on October 23, Duffy Daugherty for unknown reasons put the team in white helmets with a kelly green one-inch center stripe. The helmets didn’t help Duffy Daugherty against either opponent. Michigan State football hasn’t played in a white helmet since the loss to Purdue on October 23, 1954. Helmet Hut’s website indicates that Michigan State wore white helmets at Indiana on October 9. Spartan Jerseys couldn’t find any historical evidence to prove or dismiss this fact. White helmet Kelly […]